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Getting Started

Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Import Plugin

  • In Unity select Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package
  • Select SXR_UnityPlugin.unitypackage, import everything from the package

Prepare your Unity project

In order for SXR to track user movement, the first-person camera needs to be converted to a XR Camera

  • In Unity select SXR -> Prepare XR Camera

Prepare Camera

  • Find and select the "Main Camera" of your app in Unity's Hierarchy window

Select Camera

  • With your Main Camera selected, click on "Prepare XR Camera" in the sub window, this would process the Main Camera and convert it to be compatible with SXR. If the process is successful, you will see a fiew more GameObjects added to the Main Camera as children.

Prepared Camera


If you have multiple game scenes, you should perform this on every scene

  • You can tweak the camera settings with SXREventSystem

Recommended settings

Event system settings

  • Use Fixed Update- Use the fixed update for camera rendering (uses in more CPU cycles).
  • Use Chromatic Aberration- Correct chromatic aberration (requires more CPU processing time).
  • Use Antialiasing- Enable antialiasing optimized with the SXR plugin. Unity's antialiasing will be overwritten by the plugin.
  • Use Multiple Camera- Currently not supported.
  • AR Camera Mode - The Camera will act as AR camera

Build Settings

Use the following steps to build a SXR project

  1. Switch Platform to Android

    Switch Platform

  2. Make sure Player Settings -> Resolution And Presentation -> Landscape Left is selected.

  3. Turn off Player Settings -> XR Settings -> Virtual Reality Supported

  4. Turn off Player Settings -> Other Settings -> Multithreaded Rendering

Now you're ready to build your SXR app