SXR Settings File

Definitions of the SXR XML settings file parameters

Before rendering can start, the framework needs to know about the characteristics of the display device. These are specified in the XML settings file passed to SXRActivity.setMain or SXRActivity.setScript when your application is being initialized.

framebufferPixelsHigh Height of the framebuffer
framebufferPixelsWide Width of the framebuffer
showLoadingIcon Enable / disable loading icon
useProtectedFramebuffer Enable / disable use of protected framebuffer
useSrgbFramebuffer Enable / disable use of SRGB framebuffer
useMultiview Enable / disable OVR multiview extension
useControllerTypes Comma separated list of the controller types made available to the application. The list is in priority order with preferred controller last. Supported types are gaze, mouse, gamepad, weartouchpad, controller and external.
allowPowerSave If enabled, the application will run at 30 fps when power is low. Otherwise, it will show an error message when power is low.
resetWindowFullScreen If enabled, the fullscreen flag of the activity window will be on when a VR activity returns from background to foreground. It will help performance since it won't draw a DecorView as background.
cpuLevel CPU clock level
gpuLevel GPU clock level
colorFormat Format of the color buffer (default COLOR_8888)
COLOR_5551 5 bits R,G,B, 1 bit alpha
COLOR_565 5 bits red, 6 bits green, 5 bits blue
COLOR_4444 4 bits RGBA
COLOR_888 8 bits RGBA
COLOR_888_sRGB SRGB color format
COLOR_RGBA16F 16 bits float RGBA
depthFormat Format of the depth buffer (default DEPTH_24)
DEPTH_0 no depth buffer
DEPTH_16 16 bit depth buffer
DEPTH_24 24 bit depth buffer
DEPTH_24_STENCIL_8 32 bit depth buffer
fov-y Y field of view in degrees (default 90)
resolutionWidth Eye buffer resolution width in pixels (default 1024)
resolutionHeight Eye buffer resolution height in pixels (default 1024)
resolveDepth True to resolve framebuffer to a texture (default false)
multiSamples Number of framebuffer multisamples for anti-aliasing
1 = no multisampling (not recommended)
2 = 2xMSAA recommended setting
4 = 4xMSAA Higher visual quality but lower performance
eyeHeight Distance from ground to eye
headModelDepth Offset of head center ahead of eyes based on eye height
headModelHeight Distance from neck joint to eyes based on eye height
interpupillaryDistance Distance between left and right eye