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This tutorial will walk you through the steps to build SXR SDK from source code.


If you're looking for prebuilt sxr libraries, checkout the download page here


Before you start, make sure you install the softwares required in Getting Started Guide

Building the SDK

Here are the steps to build the Samsung XR sdk

  1. Download/Clone the source code from github
  2. Create a global file at gradle home directory, ususall at ~/.gradle/
  3. Add OVR_MOBILE_SDK to and set it to the path to the Oculus Mobile SDK.
  4. Add ANDROID_NDK_HOME to and set it to the path to the Android NDK installation.
  5. Open Android Studio and navigate to the sxrsdk folder and open the project under sxrsdk/SXR/SDK
  6. Click Build -> Make Project

Generate Javadocs

When building locally, you can optionally generate Javadoc files with details about the API.

  1. Install JDK and make sure javadoc is available to the commandline
  2. Create a folder named javadoc at the same level as sxrsdk directory
  3. run following command in the javadoc folder
javadoc -Xdoclint:none -d .\SDK -sourcepath ..\sxrsdk\SXR\SDK\sxrsdk\src\main\java -subpackages com.samsungxr -encoding UTF-8 -charset UTF-8 -quiet