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Blender Addon

SXR SDK Blender Plugin provides a way for the Blender users to preview their creation in Gear VR.



Download the SXR SDK project from github, and you can find the plugin in SXR/tools/blender_addon folder.

Create a zip file of the sxr_exporter folder and import it through the add-ons tab of Blender User Preferences.


Open or create a blender project (sample project)

Enable Import-Export: Export to SXR plugin in User preference

Build and run the sxr-remote-scripting from sxrsdk-demos project on a device

Switch to Import-Export tab of Blender and Choose the directory to export (default dir is SXRExportWorkspace located on user's home directory) Set Client's IP field to reflect the client's device IP address Click on "Export" button and preview the blender project in VR


  1. Blender addon report error "Connect attempt failed" Make sure the IP address is correct, also make sure the computer and Gear VR device is on the same network