The following features are planned for the SXR SDK Project:

Version 3.1 The following items were completed:

  • Hierarchical bounding volume culling
  • Support for Assimp's animations
  • Support for all the different shaders Assimp supports
  • Support for multiple lights
  • Support for shadows
  • State sorting
  • Draw call batching (initial batching completed; additional batching planned for 4.0)
  • DayDream Support
  • AndroidStudio Support

Version 3.2 The following updates are planned for release in late Apr/early May 2017:

  • New physics support
  • Batching for all shaders
  • LOD rework
  • DayDream controller support
  • New GearVR controller support
  • Various optimizations

Version 4.0 The following updates are planned:

  • Full support for Vulkan
  • Additional draw call batching support